Friday, August 07, 2015

War No More

The wars of the past continue into the future...

Japanese premier Shinzo Abe visits occupied Okinawa and gets booed & heckled. His puppet government provides rubber-stamp authorization to US military occupation of large segments of Okinawa.  Local people are enraged by the trashing of democratic procedures, as Tokyo vetoes all, disregarding local elections. The result = kiss Yankee butt, and live with G.I. tumult destroying the living environment.

Who profits?

Meanwhile, frantic refugees from American / Israeli-supported overseas wars continue to destabilize Africa, Europe and elsewhere. American wounded warriors are loyally supported, but numbers rise, the wars continue, and too many lives go wasted. Better to keep our young folk home! Bush-Cheney-Blair lunacy of Afghanistan & Iraq are now further fueled by troubles in Syria, Libya and Egypt -- with planned war for Iran. Let local people settle their own conflicts: we should not fund or fuel the fighting.