Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thousandth Post: 1000 musings

Celebrating 1000 posts published!

Uncomplicated premise to these publications: simple reflections

But what motivates composition?

Typically, sensing something wrong draws me to compose.

And though writing of petty personal troubles might offer catharsis, and may be easier to read, I continue writing about bigger problems. Macro problems.

Global problems such as war, peace & prosperity deserve & demand analysis - but most citizens of our democratic societies are too busy or otherwise unable to scrutinize what's going on.

People have assorted dispositions. I contentedly watch daft entertainment, but viscerally & quickly feel unhappy watching TV shows "Friends" or "Seinfeld" -- I sense presumption and some premise I reject. Yet those shows attract many viewers; I wish each and every one of them great good luck.

Boredom is a powerfully active force, however unruly.  
There's too much waste in our societies.
Each of us with many energies must find or develop a suitable platform, a life milieu.

But what of the seemingly endless wars being waged from the USA? How can we characterize the US war in Vietnam, with involuntary servitude of military draft: Oops? Something better forgotten?

The very many war casualties are Very Real. Dead. Maimed. Deeply disturbed. And it continues: ragged holes in many families; great potential smothered; escalating costs. Some people who set us on that military path profited greatly. Are they criminals? Was each leader well-meaning? Were their selfish goals justifiable in combination with the sacrifice they demanded from others? Should such militarists have been allowed influence over teenagers? Were our dirty efforts in Vietnam all a mistake?

I don't know the answers.