Saturday, March 21, 2015

Two friends? Hamster duo.

The USA is frightened of East Asia finding common ground & co-prosperity. Discussions find Yankee somehow pushing in...

Today's BBC (link) reports of meetings between China, the ROK and Japan:
'The poor relationship between Japan and South Korea has become a concern for the US, which sees the two countries as its main military allies in Asia. Last week, US Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel described the tension between its "two friends" as a "strategic liability".'

"Team USA" is an increasingly illusive domestic abstraction, as 1% hoodwink the vast majority to submit.

South Korea & Japan are more apparently subjugated: the USA bases tens of thousands of young & vigorous American military troops in each nation. For more than sixty years the two lands and their gelded leaders have been reliable pet hamsters to American Empire.