Monday, March 16, 2015

Politicized Poor

Self-absorbed people in the USA have some sense of how Vietnamese and Venezuelan people, Haitians & Hondurans, comparatively are more politicized.

Them folk mess with politics & revolution!

Because they've been driven like sheep to the slaughter, and have fought-back at great cost, they're now politicized. Oligarchs of their nations, backed by the USA, raped the land and enslaved their people with empty dreams of excess and extravagance.

"El Tigre" -- helping the Honduran people?

Most of the world are naturally calm & happy folk who'd prefer a mañana lifestyle - to relax & not worry much. But that's difficult when US-sponsored paramilitaries & death squads seize the neighborhood... when your cousin disappears, or your uncle's defiled corpse is dumped in the village center.

Even one death squad's too many.  
How many murders have we funded?

What's responsible for this dirty business?  (link)     Greed.
Me-first big wealth is an unsustainably violent motivator...