Friday, March 06, 2015

Master & Messiah

Top fat-cat US Republican lawmakers are usually calculating & unemotional - they've shut down America for unpaid bills, funded death squads overseas, and continue to bomb & suppress in support of militarism and personal wealth maximization. So how can we explain Congress giving 25 standing ovations to Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu?

Netanyahu spoke to a fuller US Congress on 24 May 2011 and received 29 standing ovations. This week he got only 25. Do U.S. Republicans fear retaliation if unenthusiastic, so they clap and applaud and stand and cheer? Was this spectacle an unseemly disgrace? Not if you love Bibi. Sure, he's not the Messiah, nor a national hero. He's only a mean-hearted visiting foreign politician. But those with good humor can laugh watching Yank politicos dance to kiss his fat arse.