Sunday, March 08, 2015

Goodbye GI Joe ?

The terrible slashing incident injuring US Ambassador Mark Lippert in Seoul, Korea (link) plus anti-military activism in Okinawa, Japan, confirm that US military bases are often unwelcome overseas.

New construction of Henoko U.S. Marine Base, heatedly-resisted by local people in Okinawa, is endorsed by America's arrogant political allies in Tokyo (some facts at this link). Similar conflicts arise around the new Jeju Naval Base (Gangjeong, South Korea), a military installation being developed in a UNESCO-listed conservation region that far-off Seoul has readily sacrificed.

Of course Seoul & Tokyo prefer peace, but directing any 'first-strike' at distant Okinawa or Jeju (where fallout blows far away from their major cities) is best bad choice (link).

Uncle Sam could simply decide his protective forces are unwelcome, and let the Japanese & Koreans protect themselves...

Military agenda is laborious, oppressive, and part mystery. Our Yankee GI Joe has parked himself in Asia for 70 postwar years. Problems and challenges have been hushed-up, ignored & misreported. Let's now teach the local yokels one great word of English: Goodbye.