Sunday, March 29, 2015

Radionuclide Latte

The Fukushima nuclear plant is highly dangerous.

It's dangerously unstable. The Mark I containment structure and spent fuel rods are perched high up in the air on a damaged undercarriage. Another huge earthquake, perhaps even a small earthquake, could rupture the containment vessels, releasing huge amounts of radioactivity into the environment.

Fukushima tries containing their bad news, while they're not containing their radiation. Japan's nuclear disaster is compounded by four years of feeble site repairs. Stabilizing the disaster site is incomplete and inadequate.

Forget debates on how much now is leaking -- how many xray exposures received, and natural base radioactivity...

Japan has regular deadly earthquakes. The scale of a new accident could easily be massive, exposing tens of millions to painful early death. Nobody pretends Fukushima Daiichi is stable - it's not.