Monday, October 28, 2013

UK & Sweden Shield NSA Spies

Revelations still reverberate of wholesale spying by the US National Security Agency. Documented accusations include eavesdropping on European government leaders and international organizations, as well as intrusive comprehensive spying on hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Nearly four months ago in early July 2013 (link), a meeting of national ambassadors to the European Union sought to create an EU Working Group looking into intelligence gathering. Twenty-six EU nations were in favor of joint fact-finding studies, but the UK and Sweden vetoed common efforts to determine what was going on in areas of espionage and national security.

The governments of UK PM David Cameron & Nick Clegg, and Sweden's center-right Reinfeldt / Bildt axis shielded US spying. Even as people now awaken to sharing their lives with US spies, (and recent statements by UK & Swedish politicians are less obstructionist on uncovering the truth & eliminating abuse), thanks to these four US stooges we're unlikely to learn how much damning espionage evidence was destroyed these past few months.

How can the USA reward such valuable allies?
Are they friends, kept ignorant? or actively misinformed?
Was personal blackmail or bribery involved? Surely not...
But official spying w/ corporate collusion corrupts trust.

Cameron, Clegg, Reinfeldt, Bildt
          = free tickets to Disneyland?
          = lifetime FOX-News TV?