Friday, October 18, 2013

Bambozzled by Richy

On the advice of a friend, just watched:
Wealth Inequality in America

Wealth inequality in itself seems natural and OK. Such extremes are not good. Half a nation lumped perpetually as "have-not" is unsustainable. And what is really bad is that the very richest 1% of people actively work & spend to flummox the rest.

Richy 1% should be spending to protect his stash. But he gets the rest to cover many costs such as security, defense & infrastructure. He spends to avoid taxes. He spends deliberately to confuse the key issues.

The modestly wealthy (with more wealth than 90% of other folk), and the quite wealthy (with more wealth than 96% of other folk), are a long distance from top 1% Richy. They know it, but busily work to protect some comforts. Richy's got the system sewn up.

With Republican-led government shutdown, people are led to be angry and want smaller government. Richy will then cheat you at the gas pump (both lower octane & improper volume - who can check?). You'll buy horse or dog meat labeled as beef (no inspectors, no govt. rules). Since Richy owns the newspapers & media, you believe a story that the poor dumfux over the hill deserve to die - and send your sturdy kids to get damaged or killed in war. Richy equips both sides, at windfall profits. No surprise: Richy Wins.

But Richy needs an endgame, an exit strategy. When 80% or 90% of 'neighbors' recognize they work very hard & live shittier lives from Richy manipulation, Richy could be threatened.