Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dead by Govt. Shutdown

How many people were sickened, injured or died due to the US government shutdown?

Stories have been told about a supposed aggregate economic cost, but where are the human stories?

The USFDA (Food and Drug Administration) has 1602 investigators, most were furloughed for three weeks - what went on during the gap?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recalled 30 furloughed staff to deal with a salmonella outbreak among 300+ people who ate Foster Farms tainted chicken.

I'd like to see more news articles about the human cost of government shutdown.

As the shutdown was largely blamed on Republican Party extremists, there would seem ample strategic incentives for reasonable people of almost all persuasions to highlight accidents and abuses that happened during the United States federal government shutdown of 2013 (1-17 October).

The Guardian has offered some coverage - can't other media bring us more of the real stories?