Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Free the Tea Party!

The US Tea Party movement was never Republican. It was stupid to be coopted by Big Business and megawealth.

Populist movements are little people fighting for themselves. They were corralled through the trickery of fatcat politicos and fools For Sale (such as golly-gee Sarah Palin whore).

Following the flag, these red white & blue Americans were sucked into the wastes of Iraq & Afghanistan, at great cost (our money stolen by Big Business) and huge loss of life.

A new party & grass-roots activism are needed. A real fight for freedom.

Withdraw from overseas colonialism, which deflect the American people's needs. It's dumb to beat-up on clueless dusky foreigners (who are also mostly enslaved as well). Fat & pasty Republican Party parasites are at fault.

Republican & Democrat weasel politicians accepted huge 'donations' to build a loophole-filled tax system for giant corporations (such as Apple -- link), who can legally e-funnel resources away from taxes & local needs. Yo money disappears to megarich scumballs, while you tastefully exercise your purchasing powers at Walmart.