Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spanking Syria

Imagine any self-appointed policeman (think George Zimmerman, the heavily-armed neighborhood watchdog) - clumsily inflaming every situation by eager, misguided, unilateral bullying.

Why's the USA a self-appointed world policeman? Costs too much !

We're an arms-dealing busybody: pushing-in & causing problems.

We spent $16,000+ on Iraq war per American. Many gave their lives.  That's $80,000 for a US family of five. (We've now fewer families of 5... we can't afford the costs - can't afford these wars).

We could have saved lives and used the money to pay each Iraqi $150,000 (forty years their average annual income).

We've yet to pay for Vietnam. US combat boots still trample Afghanistan...

It's more important America invests in its own infrastructure than butt-in on far away sectarian, ethnic, tribal conflicts. Militarism causes trouble. Our militarism kills us.