Monday, September 02, 2013

Emperor Nudie

Passionately against the idea of nuclear power?  I'm NOT.

Nuclear power could be appealing, but local utilities must be SAFE.

Nuclear waste is inherent to nuclear power. Atomic radiation is highly toxic, killing everything & poisoning continually for very long time periods ... Nuclear waste is a dirty bomb.

We need safekeeping systems for the dirty bombs created by nuclear power plants.

We have terrible atomic waste storage. After the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, avoiding this issue is criminal. It's idiotic stockpiling dirty bombs beside nuclear furnaces.

Politicians tells us they know best? Bullshit - look no further than these nuclear waste stockpiles to understand our political jokers brazenly gamble with our homes, our lives, our kids.

They front industrial coalitions.
Antidream horrors care little for common folk.
Fix this problem at home before parading overseas.

Nuclear waste must be safely stored far from the nuclear furnaces; otherwise, nuclear power is unstable, deadly, and not a realistic option.

The BBC kindly shows us (link & below image) Fukushima's next probable disaster: unstable leaky water tanks multiply alarmingly near the remains of damaged reactors. If another tsunami comes, maybe even a heavy snowfall, much nasty shit splashes into the ocean...

America has similar deadly nuclear plants. Fix them politicos!