Monday, September 09, 2013

Gits wit Guns

Monroe Isadore is a tenant suddenly told to "Move Out" ...
He is 107 years old. Isadore retreats to his room... He'd just arrived in August. He's reportedly got a gun. (link) 

When landlady Pauline Lewis telephoned police, ultimately more than 25 cars of SWAT & other law enforcement officers took over the quiet neighborhood.

A Pine Bluff Arkansas SWAT team managed to end their three-hour standoff with the local man by shooting him dead. Mr. Monroe Isadore, gunned down in his home (link), was 107.

Neighbors criticized the kill.  (link)

Isadore was a regular churchgoer who liked his "Man of Faith" cap

Easier to shoot than to get the old fella workin' on the chain gang? 

Further details of the 7 September incident are still emerging. It's not been revealed if the deceased had a written lease. Police have yet to release details of Monroe's weaponry or if a gun was recovered. Aside from one dead old timer with multiple gunshots, there were no additional injuries.

A subsequent report demands answers (link): "Mr. Isadore was legally blind. Mr. Isadore had hearing impairment. Mr. Isadore was confused..."  Police have thus far continued to suppress details of any recovered weaponry.

The lesson: be very cautious before calling police to your home.

It's this year's 10th shooting death in Pine Pluff, a city in south-central Arkansas pop. 50,000 (minus ten)...

Monroe Isadore when alive (undated)