Wednesday, September 04, 2013

'Credibility on the Line'

Supposedly the "credibility" of President Barack Obama hinges on attacking Syria.

US unilateral attack on Syria would be criminal without UN Security Council mandate.

Anyhow -- Obama has no credibility.

Obama lost credibility by ignoring international treaties. He's harbored fugitives from war crimes prosecution, protecting torturers & outlaws who inflicted corruption and terror on America. He's done little or nothing toward promised nuclear disarmament. He's responsible for systematic destabilization at home & overseas.

Obama has given public money to favored private banks & industrial groups, grimly undercutting less-favored firms and the free-enterprise system.

President Obama has surrendered his empathy & compassion. It's difficult to imagine why he acts this way... perhaps he's held hostage to blackmail? His actions undermine America's long term interests. Perhaps he simply aspires to seaside villa retirement in Haifa or Tel Aviv...

We can only pray he'll somehow offer atonement.