Sunday, September 15, 2013

Balance & Joy

It's tough to write of balance, of how to appreciate living.

Sure, I can talk of feeling an active healthy burn at a physical workout, or admire the taste of nice foods. It's easy to speak of laughing with friends, or enjoying family time. But how to relate those experiences and a centered focus with another's more tumultuous lifestyle? 

What of when conditions are not good?

Poor conditions are part of life - often. Yet some people are able to find stability in horribly adverse situations. Aspire to such balance. Yoga & breathing exercise can help. 

We all know the words concentration, meditation, surrender & relaxation. But dynamic balance is not fatalism or ignoring areas of trouble. We necessarily refocus, and give up the unnecessary.

It's good concentrating on sport or games at least part of every day.  
Play !