Monday, September 16, 2013

Old Man Put Down

Monroe Isadore was killed nine days ago (link) in his home

He was 107 years old, shot multiple times by a SWAT assault unit.

Local police and the regional SWAT team believed Isadore was a threat. They reported he had a pistol, and that he'd shot at them.

Now with hundreds of worldwide reports of the killing, and much criticism, no information or details have been released about recovery of a weapon. Did Grandpa Isadore have a gun?

At his funeral, Isadore was compared to a mighty oak which suddenly disappeared, but left behind many acorns - he's survived by 10 children, 27 grandchildren and 66 great-grandchildren.

Now an Arkansas judge has sealed all police records, and forbidden any further release of information to the public.

But among documents still online - including copies of three local police reports, we can find troubling details. In the hours after the shooting, over thirty people were recorded to have entered Isadore's home. One local commentator termed it "contamination" of the crime scene and "a sighseeing tour"

  1. Chief Hubanks
  2. Lt. Butler
  3. Kyle Huter
  4. Mozell Gipson
  5. Chief Whitfield
  6. Pastor T. Smith
  7. Lt. Fratesi
  8. CPT Hadley
  9. SWAT
  10. Det. J. Stephens
  11. Chad Kelley
  12. E. Belcher
  13. Tracy Smith
  14. Shea Furr
  15. Officer Kirkpatrick
  16. Crime Scene Tech Ruhl
  17. Lt. Richardson
  18. Officer Lamb
  19. Officer Jerrell Johnson
  20. SGT C. Willams
  21. Brian Ackron
  22. SGT Marcus Smith
  23. Kim Phillips
  24. Officer Ryan Edwards
  25. Officer Joe Anderson
  26. Deputy Chief Sergeant
  27. Officer Ablondi
  28. Chaplin John Smith
  29. Det. Casandra McAfee
  30. Det. T. Johnson
  31. Anthony Craig
  32. SGT Lynn Wright
  33. Ferddie Lewis
  34. Officer Keith Banks