Friday, August 23, 2013


Herr Adolf Hitler is misunderstood.

Sure he was an evil little fucker. But one man didn't create the murderous system of National Socialism. Even all his demonic lieutenants with their militaristic uniforms could not make war at home & abroad without the willing assistance of a wider population, (pardon to use German), das Volk.

Volksgemeinschaft is alive & well in militarist nations. It's often joined by feelings of victimization, Dolchstoßlegende ...

Surely many recognize they're being played as fools. We need to look deeper for the puppet masters. Hitler was front man for military industrialists. Look past Hitler to find Hermann Göring, Alfried Krupp, and other smarmy militarists.

These weasels looked for the scapegoat & hid behind patriotism. A familiar story today...