Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chemical Extermination

Is the Syrian government guilty of using chemical agents to exterminate people?

We don't know.

John Kerry doesn't know. Pres. Obama doesn't know. Eager military supply companies now demanding the U.S. intervene in Syria surely do not know.

We do know the USA itself used chemical poisons to kill hundreds of convicts over the past 50 years. So-called "lethal injection" can be horrendous (link). Since Obama became US President (from 20 Jan 2009 until 5 Aug 2013), 200 people have been chemically exterminated in the USA without benefit of a participating physician.

We've also used napalm, depleted uranium & phosphorous bombs over the past decades on foreign peoples, both rural & urban, killing unknown hundreds - more likely thousands - of non-combatants.

Nobody has been prosecuted for such overseas crimes.

It's hard to believe America mourns Syria's most recent dead. Judging from past misdeeds, it's as likely we're partly responsible. In any event, more illegal killing is not the path we should follow.  No More ... Yankee War.

No more Yankee war.