Sunday, August 18, 2013

Asbestos Crybabies, Dirty Bomb

Big industrialists treat people rudely - they've pumped out huge amounts of effluent & toxic waste in every nation until forced to stop & to pay for cleanup. Delays allow them to extract profits & escape costs via limited liability corporate protections.

Is asbestos dangerous?

Is your home filled with lead paint?

These were long ago recognized deadly products -- but we got sold them anyway. Now, thanks to the Fukushima disaster, we know nuclear power & conjoint nuclear waste dumps are terribly dangerous.

Don't wait for industry to admit the dangers. Force shutdown & total redesign.

Regardless of misguidance or obfuscation.

Baby inhales lead powder in an asbestos blanket.  
Don't stockpile dirty bombs by the furnace.

Every nuclear plant is also a nuclear storage facility. Designs are deficient & defective. The stored waste is dangerous. The nuclear cores are dangerous. Why accept a deadly waste dump next to a potentially explosive energy plant? Fukushima's explosions should be a lesson.

Nuclear waste dumps are dangerous, dirty & deadly.