Thursday, August 29, 2013

No More Yankee War

US President Barack Obama is required by international law to prosecute war crimes. He has instead collaborated and excused the criminals.

Remember the Iraq War: Secretary of State Colin Powell's assurances & certain knowledge (link) of Iraqi chemical weapons -- with other "weapons of mass destruction" -- supposedly justified a war, bypassing permission by the United Nations Security Council. Later we learned no such weapons existed. It was all based on bullshit, supposedly one refugee in Germany nicknamed "Curveball" ... Powell, Bush, Blair & others responsible still simply snigger.

Now another outrage & pack of lies is being constructed around Syria. We can't afford more war.  We're still paying for past dumb wars.

Do President Obama & John Kerry & assorted others hope to test US guns & bombs? Are they individually held to ransom and forced toward militarist misadventures?

They'll accomplish loss of the White House next election & the promise of more rabid Republicans to the Supreme Court.

No More Yankee War !

No More Yankee War !