Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fascist Kindness

Of course extremist government claims to operate for greater good.

Torturers prefer victims walk to the execution ground - minimizing need for force.

The Nazi Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei, "Secret State Police") were not empowered to freely detain and imprison. Many unfortunates were held in Schutzhaft —"protective custody"  — an extrajudicial condition where the victim officially requests confinement.  This reportedly (link) included each prisoner signing their own Schutzhaftbefehl, imprisonment order.

Evil progresses with a smile.

Don't give up legal & constitutional protections.

Pervasive secret police surveillance is very threatening.

Why imagine government deserves your trust? Even if you can easily imagine a reason, think again. Why should a democratic government trust shadowy private contractors such as Booz Allen Hamilton (Edward Snowden's last employer) or mercenary companies such as Blackwater and Dow Chemical, and distrust & spy upon its own law-abiding citizens? To them you deserve fleecing if you sheepishly believe their 'bless you' bullshit, as secret police claim "we keep you safe"... These assholes brought us the Vietnam War. When you see smarmy weasels selling government's agenda, and arrogant mean-spirited goons lurking in the shadows, fight back while you can.