Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We Fools Pay

Nuclear power plant near your home or work? Take note! Think of your community's future and your home investment. In a flash it could all be wiped away or made forever worthless. "Fukushima" has become a word meaning poison, foolishness & danger. "Experts" wave thick safety studies and smile assurances - but disappear with profits when things disintegrate. You'll be on your own, with few resources, perhaps injured, radioactive, and in deep shit.

"Benefits of atomic power favor the utility companies while the costs from meltdowns & accidents are shouldered by the public."
     --  Jon Queally

“The Fukushima disaster exposes the shameful defects in a system that only requires nuclear operators to pay a fraction of the costs of a disaster and does not require suppliers of reactors to pay anything."
      -- Aslihan Tumer, Greenpeace International