Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Food Industry Scams

Consumers are often tricked & scammed. Safety agencies and industry watchdogs offer some protection with purity rules and labeling standards, but regulatory efforts are bypassed by "delay, defang & defraud" efforts by profit-hungry producers.

California consumers were recently led to believe that to label foods containing GMOs (genetically-manipulated organisms) would be prohibitively expensive, resulting in thousands of job losses & an epidemic of lawsuits. Over six million voters wanted labels on food detailing genetic-engineering, but 51.4% of the electorate last November voted against "Proposition 37". The concealment group included Monsanto, the California Republican Party, and Pepsico. This "no" group used illegal tactics, and spent $46 million to defeat the measure, more than five times more than Prop 37 supporters.

Future battles with anti-corporate activists will be tougher.

Nearly Every Daily Newspaper in California is Owned by a Huge Corporation...

The present spotlight on minced meat is scary. We're introduced to "value" products (processed meat products using cheap mince). These products contain mechanically recovered meat (MRM, nicknamed "pink slime") and the disinewed meat (DSM) of assorted creepy creatures. We've not yet been informed during this scandal of mortuaries supplying cheap meat, or any flow of meats from stray pets or animal hospitals into the human food supply. But worst practices of course are kept hidden. We must demand clearer labeling and reward whistle blowers for details of fraud.