Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Night

We enjoy Oscar Night at my house, though the late timing has us next day picking up the pieces...

Jane Fonda wore a bright yellow dress (link). At 75 she still seems in pretty good shape (after breast cancer, knee & hip replacement, and back surgery). Perhaps she's also had other nips & tucks, but yoga clearly helps.

It was only in reading afterward about the Academy Award night show that Fonda came to my attention, as one writer to a news blog commented about honoring her husband's military service:
     "beiing a Vietnam Vets Wife never watch anything when the Traitor lady is on. He was almost killed over there and too many buddies that didn't make it... just had to turn the channel,and miss the rest of show."

Fonda in Vietnam was a bit before my time, but damage & death done by that war and the warmakers is a responsibility others should admit & answer for: Cheney, Kissinger, Kennedy, McNamara, Colby, Rumsfeld, Nixon, Rockefeller, etc. are truly criminals. Killing and assassinating Southeast Asian farmers & their families, shooting antiwar protesting students at Kent State & Jackson State, trying to club & bayonet democracy into submission - these were the worst of deeds by horribly misguided American men.