Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Friends vs Clients

Who are the client states of the USA?
Many so-called "banana Republics" now enjoy unparalleled freedoms. In my opinion, such possibilities are the chief positive legacies to presidents George W. Bush & Barack Obama: US-led adventurism from the Middle East to Afghanistan and into Pakistan is so costly it's required a focus of energies, allowing freedom to others. But this may not continue... The Philippines, Turkey, South & Central America, Somalia, etc. should strengthen their anti-imperialist defenses before the bully resurrects & returns... think of The Evil Dead.

Puppet regimes of US client states murder their people, rob the national economy, and cripple the community for decades. Their crimes are only possible with coordinated help from predator banks & corrupt media. Let's be clear: it's not a docile media, it's a cheerleading media aimed at us -- creating imperialist opportunity.

Tinpot dictators are never really "friends" of the USA. Ruthless thugs-for-hire such as Mubarak, Suharto, Somoza, Diệm (Vietnam), Trujillo, Marcos, the House of Pahlavi (Iran), Pinochet, etc. are made wealthy but ridiculed, and ultimately deeply threatened. When tyrants fall, their resources & secrets can damage US interests. Big capital is as likely to sell their client's safety - death is always near.