Friday, February 01, 2013

Voting Out Corruption

This month could have been much worse. Fortunately, the American people shut down Mitt Romney and his bankrupt party from the Presidency & US Senate. Sadly, far too many elitist corrupted scum still flourish like killer-bacteria in American public life. They are the 1%. Vote 'em out.

These weasels own big media. They use their power to confuse & corrupt. They are not simple opponents - they are a dangerous enemy, an enslaving influence. Too many people around the world suffer under the heel of these chauffeured-limousine assholes and their hired thugs.

The Republican leadership & Senator John McCain cripple the American people.

The tragedy of American deaths at the Benghazi consulate has become a symbol of cheap political opportunism orchestrated by well-manicured white Republicans & Rupert Murdoch. Let's be clear, this was Benghazi, Libya - a highly dangerous place emerging from civil war and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi. It's a place of rogue militias, sectarian violence & anarchy. Oil companies push frantically for billions in wealth beneath the sand. Foreign intelligence operatives from around the world (including our own) are doing who knows what, seeking strategic resource-rich opportunities. Libya has not been safe for many years, and won't be "safe" for the foreseeable future. Americans in Libya work under no illusions - they serve (served) in dangerous circumstances. Republican political-opportunists John McCain, Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, Lindsay Graham, Kelly Ayotte and Ron Johnson should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Hopefully the ghosts of the dead can somehow reach their bony fingers around the necks of these bastards, infiltrate their airways, haunt their dreams & worse.