Monday, December 19, 2011

Pain Pusher Businessmen

Business suffers when corruption is tolerated among businessmen. Our communities are robbed by big industry pushing their costs onto the public, and sucking away undue profits.

Collusion and corruption have allowed this to happen. Not every businessperson is a pain pusher -- shaving "externalities" from their balance sheets through dark agreements with political lackeys & media bigshots.

Recent huge cases include the windfall success & fall of Enron, the "inside job" of banker-led real estate investment trust speculation & the bank bailout (while borrowers lost their homes), and the radiation pollution TEPCO has scattered in the fields, seas & people around their Fukushima nuclear plant. In the latter case, huge pain was unleashed, but there's been no clawback of past dividends. The owners dodged accountability. Horrible. This Pain Pushing must be stopped.

Defense & security spending must seem wasted funds to America's 700,000+ homeless in horribly insecure conditions. Expensive protection for the rich is pain pushed on the rest of us.