Friday, October 21, 2011

How The 1% Force Austerity

Workplace efficiency & austerity are weapons used by employers to master employees. Those seeking to maximize profits demand increased work at lowest possible compensation. Reducing public officials & taxes, the wealthy pay only for selected services.

Stress invades every workplace. We pee-ons struggle to keep meager jobs.

But this can be different.

To add more workers may cut profits, but to improve customer & worker satisfaction can boost revenues & profits. Employers may argue high payroll is unsustainable, but so is worker enslavement. Where labor can demand & achieve minimal standards, more people can be employed. Those threatening to take production overseas should be encouraged to personally pull out as well - let them emigrate to China. Why should our communities harbor & support a selfish 1% undermining our health?

Corporate-owned media paints progressive change in the workplace as socialistic, communistic, or worse. But the bottom line is not shared wealth - it is a shared demand for minimal standards of health & safety. This is attainable & affordable, but don't wait for the greedy and those of hallowed wealth to lead the way - too many of the 1% are now parasites.