Monday, December 19, 2011

Edward Haskell, Banker

Edward Haskell presides over a big desk at the regional bank. Eddie's a fixture at the country club bar.

Community funds built the bank employing Eddie, but he gets far more salary & bonus money than other workers round town.

Bankers (and lawyers) assist cost-pusher efforts by industry (such as nuclear and big oil), where costs are pushed onto the public, but dividends sucked away by a chosen few. Eddie and other hirelings make it happen. Some might call it corruption. To Eddie it's a good business, though he sometimes worries his children are threatened by a deteriorating community.

Eddie was considered a weasel, "an operator" -- or more bluntly, an asshole. But now it's "Good evening Mr. Haskell!" as Eddie drives his corporate town car to the welcoming gates of Hell.