Sunday, October 23, 2011

Awakening Sheeple

There's been no counterbalance to aggressive wealth. Vast majorities of people around the world are belittled. Obedience is developed & valued by our education systems above creativity. Many successful people recognize: this can't continue - but most ignore it. We're ushered to a world of wage slavery & unemployment, and shit on by trust fund brats ("born on third base believing I hit a triple")...

Too many hardworking people are damaged by this system. Small businesses are crushed by governments in service to megacorporations. Municipal workers, teachers, hospital staff, police, military, etc., our contributions undervalued, must struggle to survive in an abused state of health.

We pass a bleak future to our children... While a few handfuls of greedy people herd us closer to collapse...

The megawealthy are likely to find Social Darwinism makes a bad & dangerous world.
99% pee-ons
 Robin Hood