Monday, November 14, 2011

Baddies Among Us

Due to a supposed presence of a few scoundrels, drug users & thieves, political authorities are urging the shutdown of assorted Occupy camps (Portland OR, Oakland CA, Burlington VT, Salt Lake City UT, and New York City). The argument of danger & "we care" is aimed at stay-at-home couch potatoes -- don't be scammed.

Democracy activists know any community is composed of all types of people. Activists live with the homeless and derelict, while the mayor whisks past in a motorcade; police dumbly process the downtrodden, though there aren't enough prisons to warehouse us all.

The worst baddies are those who've raped our treasuries & savings: smarmy banksters such as Robert Rubin (who took US$126 million in cash & stock from Citigroup), flim flam artists such as Bernard Madoff and the Enron gang, assholes like Larry Summers. War criminals responsible for untold death & destruction brazenly base themselves in well-sheltered enclaves. Are their yacht clubs, coops & neighborhoods shut down or under threat? I don't think so...