Saturday, June 04, 2016

RIP Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali.  Cassius Clay.  He surely riled The Man.

Listen (*) to his political speeches & banter.

Then, Ali was struck-down. After 1984 Ali could barely talk.
Unnaturally convenient...

Let's understand Truth: a strong & glib politically-astute leader, antiwar, actively seeking to overturn America's animosity against his race. We know for a fact Ali was illegally monitored and labeled Threat to the State by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, and branded an enemy by Nixon's corrupted White House .

"World leaders marveled at the spell he cast over the crowds. "If you were a Filipino," joked Ferdinand Marcos, "I'd have to shoot you."" (quote from Esquire, June 1989).

Now imagine an American government unit being ordered to
chemically castrate Muhammad Ali - 
" Don't kill him, just shut him up! "

When did it happen? Who did it? Ali was erased long ago.
Far Too Convenient to happen naturally...
Was Muhammad Ali poisoned by the US Government? 
  ... more likely than not ...

Bloggers can only speculate (as here, link)...

Where might someone leak a truly dark story?