Saturday, June 04, 2016

Parenting 101

The case of a little darling left in the Japanese woods by his parents after throwing rocks raises many interesting issues. One bright point is that parenting classes could become a new growth industry.

Society suffers from the high costs of delinquency & crime. Many housewife-mothers could be fruitfully employed to help parents with advice on how to raise their spawn. Japanese society needs more kids, women need more jobs. Government can spend funds on human services instead of on foolish construction projects or another wasteful national defense boondoggle. Parents might be given a tax incentive upon successfully completing a carefully designed Parenting course.

Number of births in Japan has slid dangerously in past decades. As recently as 1973 there were 2,092,000 children born in Japan. Last year may have been under a million births (they're still counting), but anyway, approximately half the newborn kids compared to the early 70s. This is far below replacement rate; the Japanese population is aging and citizen numbers are dropping.

Character for "Parent" - (elements mean stand by a tree watching)