Monday, June 13, 2016

Protection Against Controllers

As Britain debates potential exit from the European Union, it's useful to consider who wins.

The idea that local people will be empowered by relying on corrupt national-level stooges is ridiculous It's still mega-government. Most people are -- sorry to be brutal -- enslaved as sheep.

The fight is truly over checks-and-balances. Who will be the bosses? and how much freedom will the corrupt elite have to suppress us? National-level "elite leaders" are actually forced to maintain minimal standards by organizations such as the EU and UN.

External enemies include huge foreign systems, including corporate systems. The European Union has many safeguards for human rights. Great EU efforts against monopolization and corruption have levied very large multi-billion euro fines on sneaky dirty corporations. These are functions national entities can only mobilize with great difficulty.

Our enemies are global & well-funded.