Saturday, June 11, 2016

American Tyranny - 4 more years?

American Tyranny is scheduled to continue another four to eight years - at least.

If you don't like the way government & megawealthy corporate cronies intrude at your cost into your home & personal life, too bad. Americans are electing people who help the rich, and who help themselves. There's shit left for you.

"Just four more years" before potential reform again becomes possible? The answer's NO. Is it really possible now via voting?  no.

America was bled by the Bush-Cheney regime, and Halliburton-Blackwater milked us dry. But then Obama and the Upper Class gave huge public funds to their rich & powerful 1% friends to maintain controls over housing, the markets and over our lives.

Repression becomes stronger. "The Obama government of Hope" built-up a spying & reconnaissance infrastructure attached to every phone & computer, continued assorted wars & destabilization, and generated enemies by escalating poorly-targeted assassinations (including American citizens abroad).

Clearly the ballot box offers no salvation -- the system's perpetually corrupt. (In the Democratic California primary, millions of ballots remain uncounted three days later). The little we have is being rudely taken -- even illusions of fairness, justice, hope...

Life don't run forever. Fattened by cheap cuts of meat & greasy sweets, Americans are beginning to wake up angry.