Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MegaMedia: Behind the Screen

Giant corporate media or MegaMedia

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Know what it is - - Know your enemy!

Last January 11 (2015) huge anti-racist rallies took place around the world. More than three million marched in France triggered by terrorist murders at Charie Hebdo publishing. The largest rally was a memorial service condemning intolerance, racism and fascism in Paris. People were out in the streets for "la grande marche républicaine organisée à Paris en hommage aux 17 victimes des trois jours de terreur qu’a connue la France."

Look for the photos of politicians supposedly "leading" the 11 January march -- maybe you saw such images earlier. Published photos show a line of politicians in Paris with many behind them. Other Paris photos show huge crowds. But these are very different venues. The "leaders" only posed for a photo-op on a controlled street, for carefully staged camera angles.

Angle control
See Full-scale scam photo here !  (link source: Michel Euler, AP)

Here's more on the press scandal:
Each reporter who sold the bogus camera angle promoted fraud.

Corporate media managed to keep most attention away from itself (never admitting collusion or deceit), writing instead of how US leaders were sorely missed. We learn Israeli PM Netanyahu invited himself to the gathering, forced his way to the front, and waved grandly at fictional fans (link), to arrogate personal attention. But of course the day was not about politicians, or US leadership, or fatty Netanyahu, or the dirty press corps - but rather for democracy and toleration of different peoples. Any true message was effectively lost -- hijacked by media discussing personalities and power politics. Mega-media serves its owners: mega-conglomerates. Militaristic corporations push TPP, TPA, endless wars, and nuclear power down our throats because they're positioned to profit. End of story.