Friday, June 05, 2015

Absolute Authority

Have you ever questioned authority?  Maybe didn't follow directions fully? Perhaps you colored outside the lines?

Obey - or suffer consequences !

At a recent high school graduation in the state of Mississippi, USA, Superintendent of Schools Jay Foster requested the crowd hold its cheers and clapping till the ceremony concluded (link). Graduates were introduced and crossed the stage one-by-one.

Then one girl's family spontaneously cheered for her -- Big mistake.

Superintendent Foster had the auditorium security guards forcibly evict the disobedient quartet. Police were contacted, and the four were arrested for disorderly conduct -- they now face up to six months jail time and possible fines of US$500.

Joy turned to woe -- 'cause they didn't OBEY.

Authoritarianistic Amerika:  Free the "Festive Four"

Remember:  "Mississippi" has four i

Of course, it's easier to command, control & administer when everyone acts identically. But America ain't never been a nation aimed at uniform consistency. Bravo Diversity!  Much of America's greatness grew from variety -- not accepting life as mindless clones. America's become tyrannized; corralled chickens...

Boss expects full Obedience - see news report here (link)