Friday, June 12, 2015

X-Project Money for Your idea

Korea has launched the X-Project (X-프로젝트), offering 5 million plus the Science Minister's Prize for the question judged most capable of spurring future development.

A total of 30 million Korean won will be awarded, with the subsequent goal to launch 100 government-funded research projects to progress in the suggested directions.

A good example is the question posed by 3-year old Jennifer Land in 1943, vacationing with her family. Photos then required a photography lab for developing. "Why can't I see the pictures now?" Jenny demanded. The question pushed her Dad, Edwin Land, to work toward instant film that became the Polaroid camera.

Anyhow, Korea believes itself serious about gathering ideas.
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Korean X-Project

"본인인증글로 등록하시려면 로그인 하여 주십시오."

Further steps?
Korea's Science & Technology Policy Institute  STEPI
Public Relations:
President Jong-Guk Song

"Why can't Korea open the X-Project to all ideas?" 
Korea's X-Project won't allow Jenny Land to ask a question...