Friday, May 08, 2015

UK Rejects Weasels

The UK election results are still not wholly reported, but one clear result: the Liberal Democrats were crushed.

This is the party whose weasel leadership joined in coalition with the Conservatives to rule the UK since 2010. The Liberal Democrats broke their promises to voters, to youth and the future, and have been justly routed & reamed.

People expect little from the Conservative Party. But the Lib Dems were a voice of reason before their sellout. Nick Clegg became Deputy Prime Minister for five years, and got to hobnob with fancy folk, but he sold-out his people. Clegg promised repeatedly to abolish university fees - but instead jacked-up fees horrifically (after he & his generation paid little or nothing). Lib Dems vows of "Fairness" were hypocrisy & deceit.

Clegg, his opportunist colleagues, and The Right Honourable Lord Ashdown now bear finery and flattery as rejected losers - wannabe lackeys outmaneuvered by the English ruling class.