Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mob Mentality

Exclusionism is an abiding part of life in Korea & Japan. If somewhat or somehow different, you're sure to be attacked. Anyone not born in those places is a perpetual outsider. Those with uncommon heritage (for example, a multicultural homelife) are regularly treated shabbily, regardless of linguistic or cultural abilities. You sin if different.

"The nail that sticks up gets pounded down" is a Japanese saying applying as often in Korea.

Many peoples share group mentality, and gang-up on anyone different. But competition for jobs and resources will surely hurt nations and regions smothering creativity. To train everyone simply to follow orders, and mimic others, is surely a path to disaster.

Does stifling diversity hold back Japan & Korea very much?  It's massively costly! ... Homogeneity may allow some pitiful common folk to feel better about themselves, but we need creative & entrepreneurial communities to supply jobs and fuel well-being.

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(article above and Wikipeda link)