Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fast Track NO: Inside Track

Fast Track legislation on secret trade deals guts protective laws. Corporate giants and big capital, free to do much as they wish, can claim predictive damages via investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). They'll operate beyond law.

Corporate powers were already granted Inside Track with plush seats at the top secret bargaining table -- why? -- while we're largely kept in the dark?

Swindler-leaders, Republican & Democrat, offer slavers a perpetual inside track to dominate and control. President Obama's not stupid, he's not naive; Obama's comfortably in bed with swindlers!

Megacorps® are offered our future.
Banksters and lawyers are given our heart.
Our economy & nation cannot bow to these fuckers.

The scum of Enron, the Deepwater Horizon polluters Halliburton & BP, the corrupting riches of the mafia, yakuza and triads, can't be awarded permanent world control.