Monday, May 25, 2015

Europe Values Peace

Dark & selfish interests would like Europe to fall apart.

There'd be much more defense spending, and many more huge weapons sales if neighbor fights neighbor!

The USA, Russia and major Asian countries would each individually prefer free reign over world affairs. But  they're now counterbalanced by the EU, and semi-secretly see the European Union as their enemy.

Big voracious corporations can more easily rape & pillage the small individual nations of Europe - but the EU in combination challenges crony capitalism.

Regressive forces not only want to, but work to highlight our differences and frictions. They blossom on decay, propagandizing the belligerence business.

In a Europe with low borders we now enjoy huge economies-of-scale and lower transaction costs.

But I was sitting recently with a group of bourgeois friends who'd throw away our huge gains. "Get Sweden out of the EU" they say, with flashing eyes!


Because everyday now they must confront beggars: pitiful and aggressive people who've recently come to Sweden from elsewhere in Europe.

Our leadership must address this problem. There's no automatic right to do business on the street without a license. We're typically prohibited from camping in public parks and shitting among the bushes. The beggars' streetside piles of pitiful possessions could easily mask bombs planted by a terrorist.

We've no knowledge of beggar numbers.

Our society must set & enforce rules for sidewalk entrepreneurs. Citizens are registered, and visitor-entrepreneurs should be registered as well, especially those most in need. The future of Europe is endangered.