Sunday, May 17, 2015

R U Dinji / Dingy?

Yankee & Co. imprison, torture, and kill without trial or remorse.

Such acts are unjust and criminal. But the world does little or nothing to stop the blatant outrage and carnage.

Guantanamo prison was condemned as outrageous by US Sen. Barack Obama, but since the dude achieved the Presidency it ain't been fixed.

The "evil" of Guantanamo? It's bad PR - a snapshot of fascist power.

US drone missiles kill thousands of people. Most drone strikes are far from any battlefield - we now create battlefields anywhere & wherever convenient to us. Our enemy does likewise.

The killed and maimed are depicted as dinji. We don't see fresh & shiny children, bright eyed kids enjoying play or fun or discovery. We're shown dingy dusty angles at the end-of-the-world, as if pre-modern massacres.

The dinji / dingy people are unfortunate pitiful victims.
Who are the dinji?  You, me & all but a chosen few ...