Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Secretive Nippon?

Japan creeps closer to uncontrolled fascism, as the new "Special Secrecy Law" -- 特定秘密の保護に関する法律 -- comes into effect from today.

The Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office has already begun review and purge of people suspected to be sympathetic to anything outside Japan (link). Japanese people who've studied or worked abroad are now under suspicion.

This year's Nobel Laureate Physics, Shuji Nakamura, was stripped of Japanese nationality on becoming a naturalized American (he's a Professor at UCal Santa Barbara in the USA). Is Japan's government embarrassed? Most news in Japan simply ignores the inconvenient truth.

(Nobel co-laureate for Physics Kasumi Amano's wife has been working this year in Russia. Do foreign contacts make her less-pure & suspect?)

The rot (?!) reaches to the very top. Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito and his wife, Princess Masako, were both sent overseas to study at Oxford University. Is such excellent background now a negative liability?

Surely something is rotten in Japan -- but it is short-sighted domestic xenophobia. Japan's politicians, sad & feeble, seek Remilitarization -- against the wishes of most of the population. Narrow-focused domestic politicians & bureaucrats are once again secretly able to drag the nation to fascism & ultimate destruction.

One loud winter yell
As darkness falls on Japan.
Yoshi goes to war...

Now under Official Suspicion for Non-Japanese Experience?