Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Poisoned Japan

Fukushima remains a running sore: a nuclear disaster area continuously leaching poisons & pollutants into land, air & sea.

The nuclear industry tries to deceive Japanese people & the world. Pet politicians & submissive media smother popular protest, but this ongoing disaster's a major sinister threat to health.

What's the full cost to Visit Japan?
How big is the danger zone & how dangerous is life there?
What's the threat to health & reproductive ability?  (link)

Dirty Secrets Threaten Tokyo Olympics 2020...

secret silent shame
masks government strategy
Profits trump People

Baby eats fallout
Fukushima mutations
Newborn isotopes.

Cesium surprise
Losing even eyelashes
Lymphatic Luckless

Fearless global stars
Nuclear Olympic torch
Leave Japan Glowing!