Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Japan Goes Postal

Japan's Postal Service has become a bureaucratic nightmare.

The old dependable Japanese post office is dead. Now we suffer under Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. (日本郵政株式会社), a new and wholly government-owned administrative frankenstein.

Squadrons of robotic & obstructionist younger workers have been hired to reeducate the population on the authority and primacy of bureaucrats.

Japan is still rigid & semi-feudal. The population must regularly petition officials for all sorts of silly permissions, who then must stamp OK on every page. Such antics keep Japan uncompetitive.

Yesterday I was part of an uncomfortable group watching a worker individually weigh 94 business letters (all same weight & price). I've experienced bureaucracy in mailing a postcard. Japan's bureaucratic time-wasting need not account for itself.

These nutty officials are polite but firm - Just what Japan needs in its brutal drive to Remilitarize under Abenomics.

Stuffy officials handling people as dirt...
Wielding "Essential in Japan" permissions.