Friday, December 19, 2014

Curse My Mama?

Canadian Seth Rogen is a talented comedy actor. He's expanded to Director & Writer for the controversial film "The Interview" -- where a national leader is assassinated.

Concerted push-back & sabotage have led Sony Pictures to partly disavow the film. Complaints about the film were summarily dismissed, and the scandal is trumpeted as an attack on free speech.

But the movie seems in poor taste. I've not seen it - nor have I met Seth Rogen's parents. But imagine creating a funny skit of Seth's family attacked, including rape, murder, etc. Ho ho ho - fictional comedy? Terrible! -- why antagonize & dirty what people hold dear? Some 'artistic' acts are legal, but perpetrators may regret being coarse, crude and cruel, and profiting directly from causing distress to others.

Now those irritated by Rogen are fighting back. They use illegal tactics. They've scared many businesses with threats of desperate retaliation.

Seth's project was ill-conceived. Attacking religion, or family, or nation (or other areas held dear) is dumb & dangerous. Seth's an insensitive young Canadian businessman, too eager for dollars...