Friday, December 12, 2014

Filial Piety

Language directs our perception & activities ( much?)

Is the word "filial piety" deliberately obscure?

For certain concepts, might we benefit from simpler & more straightforward English-language words?

a long & unwieldy word...
Language entrepreneurs: Please coin a new word !

filial piety
WTF? could this be more obscure?
(Chinese: 孝顺 --- Japanese: 親孝行 --- Korean: 효행)

I like the imagery; but not enough people know the word

Coined somewhat recently; should be better-known

I hate this word - Look at a "smartphone" two years old: it's obsolete & no longer smart (but still a 'smartphone') ... these tools have many functions ... one better term is "commby" (communications + by = short & cute)... New name needed! (generic, not a brandname)

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