Thursday, October 04, 2012

Will Romney Nuke China?

In last night's important Presidential debate, Republican challenger Mitt Romney declared he would cut federal funding for PBS, the US Public Broadcasting Service.

PBS uses a very tiny fraction of one percent of the US Federal Budget.But the Presidential Debate Moderator, Jim Leher, is an Executive Editor at PBS, and a 40 year veteran of PBS news reporting.

At crux time, why piss-off the Moderator?

Maybe Karl Rove, etc. told Romney: "Jim Leher is old & exposed. Attack PBS & you'll throw him off-balance for the whole debate." Anyhow, that seems to be what happened - Leher, thinking of his possibly soon-to-be unemployed coworkers & colleagues, lost control of time & poorly coordinated the debate.

Romney had his back to the wall, and needed a strong attack strategy to succeed.

What will he do as President? His decisionmaking and character are both untrustworthy (in my opinion). Romney's record indicates he'll gamble on a unilateral surprise attack: slash & burn, kill & plunder, and hope for the best.

Federal funding for PBS is well below 1/100th of 1% of the Federal Budget. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting gets a two year grant for $445 million. (link) Such funding is only 12% of the PBS budget.